RT Percussion Sticks


Originally designed to play two West African Drums, the kenkeni, and the sangban,
RT-Sticks are perfect for playing the krin, also called “xylophone drum”, large bells and
blocks and many others African, Haitian and Afro-Cuban drums.


Rhythm Testament Pro Balanced Custom Percussion Sticks are hand crafted of select African Mahogany. Mahogany does not shrink, swell, or warp as much as many other hardwoods. RT Percussion Sticks have been found perfect for achieving sonic clarity. Each Pro Balanced Percussion Stick is hand branded, sanded to a uniform weight and feel, rolled for straightness, weighed and matched for balanced pairs. Rhythm Testament Pro Balanced Percussion Sticks are currently being used around the world for many different types of musical performances and recordings.

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Dimensions .75 × 16 in


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