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Meditations was produced by Carlos Pride to showcase the need for personal inner reflections. The music transforms the listener into the tranquil world of nature’s elements infused with the ancient and sacred frequencies of Kalimba and Mbira. Cycles of sound are created to guide you to focus on the one (yourself). The sound flows into layers of beautiful Kalimba and Mbira harmonies with color and light correspondences.


Meditations embodies a three phase Repertory: Body, Mind & Soul

1. SUNRISE WALTZ supports stretching and movement of the upper body down
to the waist, engaging the listener in the repetitive nature of life’s interior and
exterior clocks.
2. PARADISE IN TIME adds the bottom torso to the motion movement with
stretching and cardio vascular increase.
3. ANCESTRAL DOORWAY the portal awakens when we still the body and
make mental contact with the wisdom and guidance of our philosophical
4. EARTH AND SEA represents all the elements that make and form our body.
Whole body movement and stretching is incorporated in this composition.
5. REDEMPTION CHOIR is the celebration of mind and body together when
working as a cohesive unit.
6. COQUI enter your interior world of infinite love and harmony
7. AMAZON DREAMS is the longing of the soul’s return to it’s proper position of
“soul control”. Stay meditatively present.
8. MIDNIGHT MOON represents the repository of wisdom stored for your
9. JOURNEY WITHIN as we ascend the journey will be filled with bumps, turns,
and road blockshowever meditative presence will guide you.
10. COME WITH ME an ancient lullaby for all ages.


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