Presenting World, Meditation & Dance Music to uplift and creatively transform a planet in need of harmony. Using sound vibration as the primary mode of transformation, we achieve a successful amalgamation of the harmonic and rhythmic movements of spirit.

MEDITATIONS was produced by CARLOS PRIDE to showcase the need for personal inner healing. The music transforms the listener into the tranquil world of nature’s elements infused with the ancient and sacred frequencies of Kalimba and Mbria. Cycles of sound are created to guide you to focus on the one (yourself). The sound flows into layers of beautiful Kalimba and Mbira harmonies with color and light correspondences.

RESURRECTION SUITE offers sensitive percussive, alter-call-at-the-bayou textural layering’s taking us on a journey through space and time. Resurrection Suite drips with the moss from Louisiana and the heat of Mississippi’s Delta, that’s layered with Chicago funk on an African bed of rhythms.

DARK MOOD uses sound frequencies and dynamics to awaken in the listener the side of the self that always lurks in the background. Fear of darkness is self imposed. As daylight drifts into darkness be careful of your conscious thoughts. Things do grow moody in the night.

World Music Producer and DJ CARLOS PRIDE seamlessly blends transcendental rhythms and infectious melodies to excite souls in his series of house music mixes.

BANDCAMP : https://rhythmtestament.bandcamp.com/

YOUTUBE : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeUcUq5bwA-CDH1wsieYS_Q

INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/rhythmtestament/?hl=en