There are three bass drums in the dunun family, the smallest drum with the highest pitch is the kenkeni, the middle drum is the sangban, and the largest drum is the dununba. Most drums are carved from solid wood but some are made from metal containers like a 55 gallon oil drum.

Cowhide skins that vary in thickness according to the size of the drum are placed on each end. The drum is held horizontally, (by a stand or a strap) and played with a stick. With his other hand the drummer beats an iron rod, (sometimes even a large bolt) against a metal bell called kenken that is attached to the drum.

In the Malinke country, the djembe is always accompanied by at least two dunun as is the case with the Bambara of Mali and the Dioulas of the Ivory Coast. Three dunun are more often used around Kurussa in the Hamana region.

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