Of Africa’s many percussion and rhythmic styles, there is none as contagiously danceable or challenging to play as that of the Nigerian Juju and Highlife tradition. The world’s most famous Juju/Highlife band is King Sunny Ade and the African Beats. With over 60 recordings, tours with Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder, King Sunny Ade is the ambassador of Highlife to the world.

For over 20 years Rasaki Aladokun has been a lead talking drummer with King Sunny Ade’s band, performing throughout the world and playing on 50 of Ade’s albums. Rasaki has recorded with Stevie Wonder, Kotoja, O.J. Ekomode, and with Babatunde Olatunji on the classic “Drums of Passion”, the album that introduced African music to the United States.

Rasaki’s technique is phenomenal, his rhythmic precision and thrust are superlative. With his traditional Juju band he will play drum leads of infinite variety and freshness non-stop for over five hours straight at a steady meter of 150 beats per minute, stirring a Nigerian audience to such fervor that they will beg the band not to stop. Rasaki’s joy, spirit, and enthusiasm are truly contagious.

Contact - rasaki@rhythmtestament.com


Carlos Keith Paul Verne Norman Rasaki