Welcome to the official Rhythm Testament website founded by Carlos Pride. Rhythm Testament began as a percussion trio and evolved into a dynamic ensemble, featuring some of the world's finest musicians. Rhythm Testament blends the harmonic and rhythmic movements of their ancestors, with modern instrumentation. Incorporating African talking drums, batás, and the mbira with electric bass & guitars, Rhythm Testament achieves a successful amalgamation of these diverse traditions.

The African talking drum over crescent moons and a handmade iron drum key are the symbols for the Rhythm Testament logo.

Our belief in quality and craftsmanship is apparent in the Rhythm Testament line of products: Pro Balanced Custom Percussion Sticks, Premium Goat and Kip Skins, Premium Performance Rope and Rhythm Testament Clothing, all meet the highest quality standards necessary to wear the Rhythm Testament brand.

Rhythm Testament musicians are available for Master Classes, Studio Sessions and Music Production. For further information please contact: info@rhythmtestament.com

For Rhythm Testament booking information, click here.